Friday, August 3, 2012

Hello folks.  Sorry that we haven't updated this in quite a while.
Things have changed since the last time that I posted...and some things have remained the same.
Ashlie is still the heart and soul of our home, and I love her more and more every day.
The kids?  Well, that is probably the place in life that has changed the most.  It was hard on our vacation trip this summer to realize that they are growing up, and things will never be the same agian.  Each one of them has his/her own likes and dislikes, and personality.  It is a new phase in life we are entering, and I trust God will give us the wisdom and guidance to navigate it to His glory and their benefit.
Hope to post more soon!

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Leah Moseley said...

Your family is very precious to me. I hope David and I can turn out kids as sweet as yours.