Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Jakey's last basketball game was last night. They lost their first game of the tournament. It didn't seem to bother him that his team didn't make it very far in the tournament. He is very excited about getting his participation trophy next week. I thought I might post a few pictures.

Monday, February 19, 2007

President's Day

I am not sure how we managed to get today off as a holiday, but am glad to have it nonetheless. I changed the contactor in my AC unit, and then we played a little pitch and catch in the backyard to try to encourage spring to finally get here. Somehow the smell of cowhide gloves just seem to make the weather a tad warmer. Pick starts "kid pitch" this year, and we are trying to focus in on the strike zone. He should get a chance to pitch a little this season. Jakey will either be in t-ball or coach pitch. Basketball is more fun for me, but Mrs. Green prefers the summer sport.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Days of our lives...continued

Well, it is the flu. The real, old timey, cotton-swab-up-the-nose-to-prove-it flu. Jacob, Michael, Ashlie, and Allison have it. The Wookie doesn't have it...yet.
My wife is such a trooper.

I learned yesterday how to take a drain trap off and run a snake. I located the main block, and called the city to unstop the street sewer line and unblock it at the joint for my line. Charleston's water department guys responded swiftly and professionally. The clothes-washer drain pipe was still flooding out into the wall, so I had to call a plumber for it. I think squirrels have dropped acorns down the ceiling pipe like they did the gas furnace. Once spring squirrel season is in, I will enact my revenge. Today, I really dislike squirrels.

Monday, February 5, 2007

These are the days of our lives

There are two separate virus plundering this house right now. One is your classic stomach virus, and certain folks around the age of 3 have not figured out that one's bed is not the appropriate place to redeposit previously enjoyed meals. (thus, long night last night for Ashlie). At least there is no fever with this stomach virus, and it only lasts for 12 hours.
Then, there is another totally separate bug that has hit us. It is a flu-like virus with high fevers. Jacob has hit 103-104 degrees several times (thus, long night last night for me), and Michael was at 103 this afternoon. It is 24-hours-and-counting bug. Both boys are still sick.

Then, this evening we have found 1-2 inches of standing water in our hall bathroom soaking under the hall flooring and under the walls and into the hall closet. I am at a loss here. It appears that we have a blockage in the line somewhere because the shower and tub flooded water up into them from the drain. I hope this mess dries and doesn't mold.

Oh well. Right before we discovered the flooding the kids and I were reading a Bible story about Christ as a child. It speculated somewhat about his early life and surroundings based on what was known about the lives of "common folk" during that day and time. Even with a flooded bathroom and hall, we still enjoy more creature comforts than the Lord of Glory had on this earth. That is somewhat staggering to consider.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Too much cold!

There has been to much discussion about the cold weather. We must find a way to warm up this blogspot, so I am posting a picture from this past summer. It is Pickle with his king mackerel. This was a lot of fun - especially seeing giant sea turtles and a mother dolphin and calf come right up near the boat.

I think the funniest part was when a shark bit the red snapper almost in half that Jakey was trying to land, and when he saw the bite and understood it had been a shark, he went up into the "bridge" and quit fishing for a while.

Jakey & Thunder Nug

I thought I should post a picture of Thunder Nug playing in the snow. She is feeling much better and enjoyed playing in the snow very much. The kids were not happy when I ran out of hot chocolate, though.