Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's snowing in Charleston!

Thunder Nug the Alligator has the stomach flu and was not happy to miss out playing in the snow. The Wookie is taking a nap and will be surprised when she wakes up and sees the snow on the ground. Pickle and Jakey had fun playing outside but it wasn't long before they were back inside asking for hot chocolate.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Comments from Thunder Nug the Alligator (typed by Dad)

Me and Jacob were playing but then he had to go to the game with Uncle Josh that Pickle was talking about. (thinking with finger in mouth) Then, I....I ated with Daddy right beside me and Momma right beside me and then I readed books. And.....I laid down for a little bit and played with Momma's hair, and then Daddy said for me to go brush my teeth and get my pajamas on, the momma told me to go get in bed. and I told her to tuck me in and to close the light off. and I had the bad hiccups.
And that is it!

Comments typed by Dad, from Pickle

Pick says (adding to his earlier post):
101 to 97 was the final score. I thought every time they made a shot it was 5 points - the score was really fast on both games. And then when the game was over, Uncle Josh took us back home and on our way I got an ice cream. Uncle Josh rocks! He said that he got a drink my most favorite place to get shakes (Bruce Terri drive-in.). Daddy just called Uncle Josh right before we got home, but he was asleep when I got home. Because he was so tired, he was exhasuted, and he had a headache.

From Pickle

Last night I went with Uncle Josh to a basketball game.
The lions vrs. cowboys?
Anyway it seems that we got there a little early but Josh said we weren't.
I guess he wanted to watch the girls game because of what was at half time the extream team! The extream team was my favorite part of the hole thing.
They did flips in the air on trampolines wile dunking.
After the girls game came the boys game!
at first the lions were loosing but then they won!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Opening the Page

Seems like everyone is using this blogging avenue these days, and at the risk of further bogging down the information superhighway the Mrs. and I have decided to place a post.
The wookie and her sister are playing frogger, the boys have accompanied Unka Josh to a Yewfuss basketball game, and we are trying to blog.
Blog. That sounds like something that should accompany a round of Montezuma's revenge more than a proper piece of prose.

Here goes our test balloon.