Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Razorback Baseball

This past weekend Papaw took us to see our first Hog Baseball game. It was lots of fun but hot. I didn't realize I would need to bring sunscreen to a baseball game in March. Most of us sunburned except Jakey who just tans beautifully. The Hogs lost to #1 Vanderbilt. They were ahead most of the game but a couple of errors towards the end of the game caused Vandy to get ahead. Thank you mom and dad for getting us out of the house while Adam was in Atlanta. We enjoyed the weekend very much.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Poor Thunder Nug

Thunder Nug fell out of a tree today in the neighbor's yard. Pick said she was about 10 feet up, and he heard her limb break and tried to catch her, and said that she fell looking up at him with her hair streaming up above her face and her arms and legs reaching toward him. Shook him up some to watch it...but not as much as it shook up Thunder Nug! She just laid there and cried, and she said that Pick managed to pick her up and carry her to the house. (Brownie points for Pick evidently, given the way she told it).
Thankfully, the only damage seems to be some sort of sprain to her hip or knee. She doesn't like walking on it tonight.

Just ask Sashly

My love, my dove, my Sashly is getting to be quite the connisseur of old movies herself. If any of you gals are wondering about good ones to rent off of netflix, just ask her.
She is a big, big fan of Cary Grant...but that is ok 'cause I don't mind watching a movie that has him in it if it has Grace Kelly in it. they don't make actresses like her anymore.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

From Thunder Nug's Journal

Cleaning out the old van, I found Thunder Nug's journal. She evidently does not consider it a private thing. I would like to share with you some of the entries, starting with the first day.
Entry 1: A sad day. It was a bad day.
Entry 2: Monday. It bad day.
Entry 3: Its a bad day.
Entry 4: It was way way way sad day.
Entry 5: It was a fere butet. (I have not a clue what that means.)
Entry 6: Its a long cleanup.

That appears to be all the entries so far. Do you see a trend? Perhaps she should have some of that Loraset stuff they gave Jakey? Hmmmm....

Ok, ok...I know it has been a while

I should have posted sooner. Sorry. Seems like I really need a 30 hour day to catch up or even remotely keep up with the things that need to be done. Let's see, what has happened since we lasted posted a blog:
* Ashlie got a new minivan this week. A 2005 Nissan Quest.
* I was called to pastor Pleasant Hill Primitive Baptist Church near Mt. Ida, Arkansas.
* Jacob got a splinter stuck in his thumb down into the root, and it took a trip to the doctor and then being forward to the emergency room, a topical anesthetic, a shot of anesthetic in the thumb, a nerve block, another nerve block, and finally a big dose of something called Loraset? to get him to where they could cut the nail and get it out. Fun times - lots of screaming. One doctor felt so bad she had the office refund us. By the way, from the instant result of that Loraset stuff, it must be mighty good.
* We've had baseball signups, and are now just waiting for practice schedules.

Just some of the same things that regularly, or irregularly, happen that make our lives so full of adventure.